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Ascend Analytics is an established software development company providing portfolio and risk management solutions for the energy industry.  Our solutions are part of the “clean tech” energy revolution and serve as the core analytic infrastructure for risk managers, energy traders, analysts, and other energy professionals, providing the tools to improve portfolio management decisions in a risk adjusted framework.  Our software focuses on delivering the data infrastructure necessary to capture the uncertainty surrounding the financial and physical elements of energy management.  We are regarded as the energy industry’s premier risk analytic application provider where individual work efforts have a tangible impact on our client’s operations.

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Category Position Location Date Posted
Services Energy Analyst Boulder, Colorado, USA 25 Jun 2014
Services Senior Managing Director of Software Services Boulder, Colorado, USA 18 Jun 2014
Development Lead Analytics Developer Oakland, California, USA 18 Jun 2014
Services Program Manager Boulder, Colorado, USA 18 Jun 2014
Services Project Manager Boulder, Colorado, USA 18 Jun 2014
Development Energy Analytics Software Developer Oakland, California, USA 5 Feb 2014
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